We Did It!

We are proud to have received our sixth three-year CARF accreditation, which is the highest level of excellence in our industry. Our Quality Management Team had been working on getting ready for the auditors for more than a year. The CARF audit was done virtually by three wonderful ladies located in the US. They turned a stressful, challenging few days into an enjoyable, collaborative experience.

Keeping in Touch

The coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for our organization as we implemented protocols and adapted programs. It has also been very difficult for the people we serve as many have not returned to our programs for a variety of reasons. The separation has been hard on staff but even worse between friends in our programs. 

Pictured here is a visit by people in our day programs to see their friends who reside at Birch House. There are people we used to see regularly for years and even decades that we have not seen in over a year!

We have been doing what we can to keep everyone healthy and happy while keeping positive and hopeful for the future.

Nurse Michael Q & A

We have two nurses at Venture Training as nursing is essential for the good health of the individuals we provide care for. We caught up with nurse Michael to learn more about him.

What was it about your experience that convinced you to be a nurse?

When I was hospitalized for cancer at Vancouver General Hospital for nine months back in 2007, I was treated like a disease rather than a human-being and that always stuck with me. I never wanted anyone to feel that way or be treated the way I was. I remember that experience every time I entered a patient's room in the hospital or entering an individual's home.

Why did you come to work for Venture Training?

As a nurse at a hospital, we only see people for such a small amount of time; we get them better and then send them home. I wanted to help people with achieving a better quality of life everyday - not just on their worst days.

What is it that you like about nursing?

Helping people is what I most enjoy about nursing. I feel that I was born to be a nurse.

Why did you take on the Mandt* instructor role at Venture Training?

As an acute care nurse at a hospital for ten years, I spent nine years being a part of the Code White team (violent person). I felt that with my experience it would be a great opportunely to pass on my knowledge, meet our awesome front-line workers and new hires.

*The Mandt system is training all staff take to learn how to effectively deal with conflict and violent behavior.

Thank you nurse Michael for all that you do!

Program Spotlight

Our Cycle Cycle program began in 1991 as a therapeutic training program and used bike shop where the public can dispose of unused or abandoned bicycles found on their property. Venture Training staff and program participants clean up, repair and/or strip bicycles for parts. Program participants earn an honorarium, learn job and safety skills while contributing to their community. Sales to the public are handled by Cycle Cycle staff - see for location and hours of operation.

We have recently engaged a business consultant from Purppl by way of a grant we received from the United Way. Training our program participants has always been our number one priority with less focus on the business side of the operation. We are in the process of planning and making modest improvements. We have created a Facebook page for Cycle Cycle (cyclecyclevernon) and are featuring bikes for sale each week on Facebook Marketplace. We hope to hold a 'Bike Drive' this month, so stay tuned!

Fun Facts:

Budget: $59,420
Sales: $32,303
Staff: 1
Volunteers: 1 (Thanks Les!!!)
Participants: 9

Employee of the Month

At our Senior Staff meetings each month we take nominations for "Employee of the Month". The winner is then drawn randomly as it is impossible to choose one over the other. Winners receive a $50 gift card to the store of their choice. Here are recent nominees and recipients:

Recipient: Nadine D. & Monica G.
Nominees: Belkis G. / Elmer F. / Anna P. & Sarah H.

Recipient: Karen Y. & Donna N. (pictured)
Nominees: Jane H. / Amy T.

Recipient: Gelacio C.
Nominees:  Bonnie M. / Renee P. / Mary I.

"Aspen House" is For Sale

The Association has announced the sale of the Aspen property. This property has been utilized for programming since 2018 but has recently become vacant as a result of a program move.

After careful consideration, we have decided that the property does not have the accessibility features necessary to be utilized by our organization as a home for persons with disabilities.

The sale is being handled by one of our valued community partners, Krista Blankley of Re/Max Vernon.



French Toast Recipe

David loves to cook! With staff's help, David has created his own special cookbook with pictures of himself going through the steps of preparing and cooking his favorite meals. This is an excellent example of how our staff come up with creative solutions to help a person achieve what they desire based on their abilities.

See if you can follow David's recipe to produce the most delicious French Toast ever!