Venture Home Share offers alternatives to staffed residential homes by providing individuals with an opportunity to live within their community with related or non-related families. Participants may occupy a bedroom and share communal space or live in a self-contained suite within the family home.

  • Venture training home share is Accountable. We are trusted to deliver sustainable services with transparency and are answerable to the people we serve, their families, and our funding partners and each other.
  • We believe that it is our role to support and make a positive difference in someone's life.
  • We have an open-door policy and can be reached 27/7, 365 days a year
  • Person-centred approach we take for the people we support
  • We believe in advocating for positive change
    We provide high-quality services with integrity and apply best practices to support people in accomplishing their goals.

Venture Home Share contracts families (including single people or couples) interested in welcoming an individual into their home. It will be the responsibility of the Venture Homeshare Provider to create an environment that allows the participant to live a healthy and balanced life.

The Venture Home Share Provider will be required to (but not limited to):

  • Support an individual to develop and maintain a network of family and friends
  • Identify and encourage participants in meaningful activities within the community
  • Support the individual to achieve the fullest possible independence both in the home and community
  • Be an active supporter where all people are accepted and respected.

Entrance Criteria for Home Share:

  • Adults - age 19 and over where Home Share is appropriate
  • Individuals who seek a family model of support for their residential placement
  • Meets eligibility criteria of funding referral source (CLBC or individual)
  • Based on intake assessment, the individual's well being will be improved by participating in the service, support or program
  • The urgency of the need of the person may also be considered
  • Formally diagnosed with a developmental disability (exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.


Criteria for Venture Home Share Providers:

  • Minimum age of 19 years of age
  • First Aid Training
  • CPR training
  • Satisfactory home study
  • Satisfactory background check
  • Three references
  • Training and/or previous experience in community living or a related field
  • Physician's certification of good health
  • A signed declaration of confidentiality
  • Signed release
  • Valid driver's license (class 4 desired)

Living, Working and Sharing Communities that Care:

  • Venture Home Share Providers provide long term placement wherever possible and are required to share in the same philosophy and vision of the host agency
  • Venture Home Share Providers are independent contractors that are responsible for the day to day care of an individual placed with them
  • Venture Home Share Providers adhere to the host agencies' values, policies and procedures, and service outcomes.

Persons interested in providing Home Share services can contact the Venture Home Share Coordinator at 250-503-1108.

Please submit your resume and current credentials along with a completed family profile, VDACL HS Compatibility Form and a signed Authorization Form Reference Checks

Please also take a moment to read the Letter of Introduction to Home Share to assist you in all other credentials required to get you started as a Home Share Provider.

For further details on our Venture Home Share program please contact the Home Share Coordinator at homeshare@vdacl.ca