Vanessa Burnett – Rising Star Award

Vanessa Burnett and her son Indy

Image: Vanessa Burnett and her son Indy at Venture Training's recent Bike Drive event.


Venture Training is pleased to announce that staff member Vanessa Burnett has been honored with the Rising Star Award from the Community Social Service Employers’ Association of BC (CCSEA).

In presenting the award CCSEA host said “In her relatively short time in the sector, Vanessa has taken on a variety of roles, from residential support to therapeutic work, leading individuals in varied activities such as art, sports, theatre production and music. Her most well-known success was creating a bike program, which encouraged participants to learn about the importance of safety, proper technique and exercise. Vanessa is known for her willingness to take on new responsibilities, often volunteering for community events like the annual Vernon Winter Carnival Parade and Special Olympics. She has a passion for empowering individuals to pursue their interests and supporting them to achieve their personal goals.”

Vanessa says, “By accomplishing my duties with passion, care and hard work, I have become even more inspired to do whatever it takes to support people with developmental disabilities - one task at a time.”

Executive Director Ryan Cucheron says “Vanessa has a great passion for working with our program participants. Her enthusiasm and desire to try new things have made her a leader in our organization and truly a rising star in our field.”

The following video was commissioned by CCSEA: